The Overview:
Design an inclusive experience for the Saul Steinberg exhibit to ensure accessibility and enjoyment for individuals with various sensory issues, including anxiety, neurodiversity, blindness, and other challenges.
The Objective:
Develop a range of deliverables that cater to universal and sensory needs. Tackling: Touch, Sound, Visual and possibly even taste. While fostering an inclusive environment for all visitors to appreciate and engage with Saul Steinberg's artwork.
Exhibit Entrance
This portion of the exhibit offers an immersive first impression as you step into Saul Steinberg's Liner World. This is a way to play with perspective in a larger scale but similar manner to Steinberg himself. One the right is the informational title wall, On the left is a wall of picture frames that mirror his piece titled "Drawing in the New Yorker" complete with a cutout figure that you can observe the installation with and offers a fun photo opportunity.

The Linear World VR tour

Website and App


Art Book

Window Display
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